Benefit from our many years of experience in perfect cocktail dispensing, software control and components.

The operation is done by a chic and discreet V2A stainless steel dispenser with the dimensions: 100 mm wide, 340 mm high, 200 mm deep. Larger dispensers are not needed, because we put special emphasis on a chic integration on their counter and most restaurateurs always have very little space. Due to the precise shape of the dispenser, the shaker cup is positioned exactly. This enables a very fast cocktail production. In addition, each ingredient has its own outlet to prevent mixing of multiple ingredients. With an optional water treatment, the Cocktailblaster can also dose spritzers, lemonade and long drinks perfectly and with milliliter precision.


As a touch screen, “no” monitor from the PC or tablet sector is used, as these are too susceptible to interference. You can calmly wash our monitors with sticky and wet fingers or even with a wet cloth. The glass is absolutely shatterproof and waterproof. You have the choice between the display sizes “7” or “10” inch.


We only use electronic pumps instead of pneumatically driven models. Each e-pump is individually and separately supplied with a control pulse via an electric line. Should a pump fail, it will only affect this pump or the connected ingredient. You can continue to produce cocktails. If pneumatic pumps were used, the entire system would fail and you would no longer be able to produce cocktails.


The cocktail machine is driven by a PLC control, as they are also used in the industry for wind power plants, bottling plants or hoists for shipping. We do not use conventional computers with hard disks and therefore the cocktail machine is protected against any kind of vibration and shocks. This means high reliability and no breakdowns. Our software has been tested for many years and has been used umpteen times. The cocktail machine can also be used in battery mode if required. 


We use 5 liter containers for the cocktail machine, which we can also enlarge to 10 and 20 liters if required. The connection is placed at the lowest point, which prevents air from causing the cocktail machine to stagnate. This way we avoid that cocktails taste different and your guests complain about the taste or quality. 

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