Are you planning an event, corporate party, garden party, wedding, birthday party, big event, trade show appearance?

Top Cocktails
Then offer your guests first-class and delicious cocktails. For this we rent you the fastest and most reliable bartender. At the push of a button you serve up to 15 alcoholic and up to 10 non-alcoholic cocktails in any desired size. see attached cocktail cards

Hire or still the bartender on site?

You can either rent the cocktail machine yourself and take care of the ingredients, or you can use our rental service. We bring you the ingredients, glasses, shakers, etc. and are personally available to your guests as a bartender.

Operation / Application

The operation of the cocktail machine is very easy and can be done by any person. We bring you the mobile cocktail dispenser, instruct your employees accordingly and then you’re ready to go. A billing according to consumption is also possible.

Your advantages summarized:

 §    Production of up to 30 different high-quality cocktails in consistent quality
§  up to 250 cocktails per hour
Premium quality spirits & juices instead of ready mixes
§  Upon request, we will provide you with cocktail glasses, bar accessories and
            cocktail cards with your desired cocktails, etc.
§  We can also create custom cocktails for you in advance.
§  Due to the personal instruction no qualified personnel is necessary
§  Final cleaning / delivery

You want to offer your guests something unusual at the next event?’
Then our mobile cocktail bar is just right for you.
Either you rent or buy directly yourself the fastest bartender.’
Everything is possible!


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