Small but mighty!
The Cocktailblaster Premium

Are you currently having problems finding the right staff? 
You want to mix perfect cocktails cheaply and efficiently?

The Cocktailblaster is manufactured in two different sizes in Germany.

We install the Cocktailblaster as a fixed installation in your bar, foodtruck, bus, etc. or you choose the mobile version in our easy to transport V2A case with the dimensions: 

800 mm width 
600 mm depth 
working height 950 mm
total height 1300 mm 

So you always have a complete bar with max. 20 ingredients immediately at the start.

You also have the choice between a 7″ or 10″ inch glass display. 

 The displays of our cocktail machines are absolutely shatterproof and waterproof.

We have designed the dispenser extra low, so that even smaller employees can always easily read and operate the touch screen.

The dimensions of the dispenser: ‘

340 mm height 
98 mm width
200 mm depth

The dispenser can be perfectly positioned even on the smallest counter space.

With our longtime used software, it is now also possible to control up to 50 ingredients.

There should be all your cocktails included!


Choice of 16 to 50 high performance electric pumps with tubing. Industrial control including wiring.
7 or 10 inch color touch display

The Cocktailblaster is completely manufactured in Germany.

The software development is done in-house

The cocktail machine is operated with a control system which is not only very reliable, but also very crash-proof. 

We do not use hard disks, as they are generally always very risky.

The operating system is run with an SD card.

‘All cables and connectors are available worldwide and can be changed, cleaned and exchanged very easily by you. This saves costs and service calls.

An extension with additional pumps and thus more ingredients, is also possible at a later date.

A cleaning program is already included in the software, which ensures clean lines at all times.
By means of the fill level detection, you always know when an ingredient has been used up and needs to be refilled.

This guarantees that each cocktail is always dosed correctly and you save possible complaints from your guests.

The cocktail machine is completely food safe and tested for many years.

New employees are trained in the operation in no time, do not need to have any recipes in their heads and can start immediately.

As the cocktail machine can inject up to 50
ingredients into the shaker at the same time, this technology cannot be beaten in quality and time